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I want to plan out everything ahead of time and do ordinary stuff like shopping or dining with no rush.

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Taking lessons, and watching all the movies and TV shows I missed. Since we all like to eat, we had a good meal together. We usually go for Korean BBQ with our staff and dancers. And play fun games! Sohyun can party till late and is full of energy. There was a time I had to record by myself because of the schedule in movie shooting. That was one lonely recording session. Among all the challenges, it was the wardrobe as I was styling the group. I think there was some difficulty along the line of self-development.

For me there was no big challenge since we had a meeting every day, which helped. What do you want to achieve from writing? It was a great opportunity and an honour to work with him.

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  5. 4Minute’s Jihyun and Gayoon Discuss Chances of Dating Other Cube Entertainment Stars?
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  7. I want to continue to write songs and would really like to produce an album. Have you been through this before? The lyrics are realistic, so whoever listens to it will make them stop eating and drinking too much. If you are a woman, they will get the song right away.

    Netizens show no interest in 4minute Jihyun's dating rumor

    I have an experience of only gaining weight. I found the lyrics interesting. But it was quite different from who I am. What was that like?

    4Minute's Gayoon And Sohyun Talk Love And Dating On 'Witch Hunt' : News : KpopStarz

    Rita has been one of my favourite singers and I was very excited to see her. After meeting her I like her even more!

    【TVPP】Sohyun(4MINUTE) - Dated with Son of Rebert Holley, 소현(포미닛) - 로버트 할리의 아들과 데이트한 소현 @ Star Story

    She took care of me by making me comfortable. You've said you're not that close to other groups outside of your label. Who would you like to get to know better? I'd want to get to know someone who is older or is the same age as me. I want to get to know all of them. I want to get close with people who want to get to know me. A 4Minute reality show would be great. What kind of show could you see yourselves doing?

    We want to do it! We'd love to show the natural side of 4Minute. I'd like to do a travel show where every member can show her charms! I want to travel different countries with the girls where we can create memories and meet our fans. Something around travelling or gourmet food. Since you only do one comeback a year how much do you see each other when you're not doing 4minute?

    We often see each other but we also have time on our own where we get lessons and rest, but I think when it comes to delicious foods, we tend to go together. I think it feels like we see each other every day. Your Stockholm and Barcelona showcases are done, so what's planned next? Will there be more shows this year? Or a 2YOON comeback? But we have a dream to hold concerts in various countries. Nothing is set for 2YOON as of yet, but I am sure there will be a time in the future where fans can see us once again.

    I hope to hold a headlining concert in Korea.

    You are a group in its sixth year — apart from the music, why have 4Minute have been able to continue with such strength? Definitely teamwork. We have love for every album we make and the drive behind it all is our dream and passion. I am learning about dating and more through 'Witch Hunt.

    4minute's great interview about partying, their dating histories, ice cream and their sisterly bond

    There would be dancer oppas around us, but she asks us so innocently that there are times we get embarrassed. There is no scheduled date on when the show will resume broadcasting live; instead of recorded. The show explains about relationships amongst couples in Korea. Since the country is not open when it comes to explaining about love on public television, the show has received both good and bad reviews.

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    Explaining about love on public media is not tolerated because of the country being conservative. So she decided to give him a surprised. While the dad was away on a business trip, she place Jimin Pictures everywhere in the house. See Now: Photo Credit: Fan Pop. Related Stories!