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And you get these other services by being as nice to them as to any other guy you date. So, take a bath, ensuring that you are clean 'down-there', and brush your teeth.

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Put on some music if that's what you're into. When the escort arrives, treat the evening like a dream blind date. Smile, be friendly.

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Invite him to sit down, if you want a chat first to discuss your likes and dislikes [remember that one man's pleasure is another man's pain] or simply suggest that you go straight through to the bedroom. However it is important to remember that the more you discuss your needs and wants, the more fulfilling the experience will be for you. Escorts are just that - escorts, and not psychics. If you're embarrassed or nervous, let him know it's your first time and that you feel a little awkward.

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This helps him to help you relax, talk a little more, and allow you to get comfortable. Everyone has a first time for calling an escort service and part of the escort's job is to let you know how to do it.

Learning Life Lessons While Working For A Gay Escort Service

Eventually he will ask you, "What do you want to do? When he asks you this, you are expected to tell him what you want. This is usually an awkward moment if it's your first time. What you want to get across is whether you want to get laid, just want head, or some fantasy that you may feel embarrased about. These guys aren't shy and will have heard it all before [and a hell of a lot worse, no doubt!!! That is what they are there for and they aren't bashful.

He also needs to let you know that he's expecting you to pay up front, or at least you should put the money on a table in full view of both of you. If you don't know what to do and it's your first time, just say so.


That way he can give you the information you need. He is trying to give you the pleasures you want, so the more accurately you communicate with him, the easier it is for him to satisfy you as a custome r. After you let him know what you want it's time to give him the money. He'll let you know what he expects and how to pay him. After he gets off the phone, he's all yours.

Make sure that they are available for the block of time you set aside for a "fireside chat," and that they're willing to do what you want to do.

How to Be a Great Client

If you have any specific needs or fetishes balloon popping, costume wearing, pie throwing, etc. If not, got back to step one. Also, discuss price and make sure everyone knows the figure before he arrives. Overnight or week-long travel, like Rekers arranged, will of course be a lot more expensive. If everyone is amenable to the terms, you are good to go.

Uncensored: ” I’m Thinking of Calling a Gay Escort”

Step 4: Arrival and Payment: Have your hooker's fee ready, in cash, when he arrives and make sure it's displayed prominently on a table or shelf. Greet him and then get the business out of the way. Lay down what you expect to happen and then point him toward his moolah. Once that is out of the way, you both can pretend like it never happened—isn't that what a good escort will do anyway?

Oh, don't forget to tip, but that can wait until after. Step 5: Wear a Condom: These are professionals and they probably take their safety more seriously than the average drunk slut who is just giving it away for free and picking up people at bars. Still, for everyone's sake, be safe. Step 6: I will do everything in my power to treat you and our time together with the utmost discretion and cordiality, and I simply expect the same from you.

Think of this like any date! Wow me with your kindness and charm. I once read that discretion is a two-way street; clients may prefer not to advertise what goes on behind closed doors, and companions may prefer not to allow their work to overlap with their personal lives. I am a firm believer in keeping my secrets secret.

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Also, as I do not offer illegal activities or services, discussing them will simply not be tolerated. Use your best judgement. I never like discussing money, and I have found that it is optimal for everyone and helps keep all expectations in line if there is no negotiation in my rates. They are as posted here and I am not interested in debating them. I can promise you that once we meet, cost will be the last thing you care to think about. That said, if you have a question, it is always better to ask than to be uninformed.

I would rather put your mind at ease than worry about getting offended. Gentle reminder: If you wish to provide a little bit of information about who you are or your experience level, just for the sake of my comfort, I always like knowing and can promise that information will go no further. If you may have hired or reviewed in the past, I LOVE reading about your other adventures — send them along for me to enjoy.

Because of my concern for discretion, I will not, as a general rule, ever initiate our contact. If someone else may be holding your phone, or reading over your shoulder, I would never deign to email or text you without you first initiating the exchange. This sentiment goes for contact after our meeting as well. You are in charge of our correspondence, so please do not be dismayed if I do not reach out to you after we have met.

I am only waiting to hear from you first. Sometimes life gets in the way of fun. I understand. If you need to cancel our appointment, I ask that you give me as much notice as you possibly can, so that I may adjust my schedule accordingly. Once again, I do not like to talk about money. I find those conversations crass and overly familiar.

We will not discuss finances during our meet up, so please plan accordingly: These arrangements are less complicated and less costly than you might expect.