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Now, the only apps left on my device that remotely relate to hooking up are really not hookup apps at all. You may be wondering why I made decision.

These types of activities can be fun and certainly have their place. When I hung out on Grindr all day long, I found myself on the receiving end of endless messages that focused only on my body.

I can only speak for myself but after a while, it gets kind of old to be known just for the physical. There is so much more to me than the size of my wang or what I like to do in bed. What about you? One of the negatives of hookup apps is the tendency to engage in the game of comparisons. If left unchecked, that kind of thinking just becomes emotionally and spiritually unhealthy. Can you relate?

Believe it or not, my social life has increased fold since deleting the hookup apps. Before, I used to spend countless hours on the weekends just hanging and talking with people — with no real results. Over the course of time, it just got old.

7 Reasons Why My Life is Better After Deleting Grindr

Personally, I was feeling frustrated with the process of making new connections online and wanted to experiment with taking a hiatus from the apps. So I recently deleted the gay hookup apps off my phone and the result is I feel less lonely and more connected. You may feel daunted to enter a gay gym or bar and remain confident in yourself. I myself have deleted and re-downloaded them a couple of times in the past. This time I was making the choice more consciously, with the intent of noticing my feelings around the change. According to a study , Grindr app users spend an average of minutes, or 2.

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That time is being spread out over 88 active sessions per week. What I did notice was my emotional experience and behavioural changes that came about as a result of deleting the apps. There is nothing more insulting to a dinner host when you leave before the main course is served, but when you leave the party to hook up with another side dish that when things can get sticky. No pun intended.

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If you have ever left a quality social engagement with friends to meet up with a headless torso, you sir just may have a problem. This is always my favorite scene to observe. Guys, not only are you not connecting with the friends in front of you, but you are also losing out on the guys around your who are physically there.

Men who are ready and willing to connect face to face with you! Apps have completely disabled our ability to engage with other human beings and practice our social skills. At some point, in order to have a long-term relationship, you will have to communicate with someone face to face and speak in more than characters. Insert sarcastic tone here. One my least favorite things to hear is someone complain about things and not do any of the work it takes to change. If all you ever do is complain about never meeting quality guys, but have never put in the effort on a real dating site but invest only in your hook up apps- you my friend need to wake up!

This is the saddest of all the signs. They think that the headless torso from last week, who texted them out of the blue is looking to really date. But as it turns out- this text was just for another booty call. The hope and dreams get all built up, but this guy simply disappears as quickly as he showed up at your door. Forget the embarrassing attempt at the candle lit dinner you planned; Mr. Right Now was only here for one thing.

This may very well be the sign of all signs. The fact that you never intended for a real relationship as you claimed and you never even took the time to get a last name. Therefore, Josh Grindr, Mark Scruff and Eric Jakd will never really have a place in your day-to-day contact list and never have a place in a real dating pool.

Back in the good old days, one used to give a guy a flirt across the bar and eventually get the nerve to walk up and introduce themself.